What If You Had Documented The First "Interactive Media Presidential Campaign" With An Eye For Positioning, Message Dissemination Strategy And Social Media Tactics?

How Valuable Would That Proven Plan Be As A Multichannel Blueprint For Your Marketing Campaign?

Shhh...That Document Is Available Below

“Whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, and whether you agree with his policies or not, I'd say you should agree that he did a masterful job using the Web to develop relationships and cement his candidacy.

In the 2004 election, everyone remarked how well Howard Dean leveraged the Web. Today Dean looks like a rank amateur compared to the level that President-elect Obama brought it to.

Lots of lessons to be learned. And I agree, those lessons translate well for small businesses because the underlying principles are timeless and involve human nature. And after all, business is ultimately about relationships.”

Anita Campbell, Editor


Q: What’s the Most Successful “Small Business” Internet Marketing Campaign of All Time?

A: The Election of Barack Obama

Here’s what your small business can learn from it...

Small Business? Barack Obama?

After being elected the most powerful man in the free world he may not be "Small Business" anymore. But the free social media tools his campaign used so adeptly to   energize his supporter - YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and many more - are 100% FREE tools that any small business - like yours - can use to win.  President Obama used them to outwit and outhustle his competition. And now you can use them to connect with your customers on a deeper, interactive, relational level at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

From “That Guy with the Funny Name” to “Mr. President” in 21 Months

"Obama has got a very, very powerful presence on Facebook, on MySpace, and a lot of these sort of below the radar social networking sites on the internet."

David Katz of BlueMassGroup.com
New York Sun, February 2007

Intrigued by this quote, internet marketing veterans David Bullock and Brent Leary decided to analyze Obama’s use of social media from a small business perspective. What lessons could entrepreneurs like you could learn from the meteoric ascent of our 44th president?

Zero Political Rhetoric, 100% Business Insight

Through the use of podcasts, blog posts, screen shots, powerpoint presentations, and links to over 100 documents, David and Brent set all politics aside and pull apart Obama’s social media strategy, extracting the lessons, tools and insights your business needs to survive and thrive in “Web 2.0”.

  • How to keep your customers engaged with you all the way to the “sale”...instead of losing them after the first call
  • How to turn your best customers into enthusiastic sales people...who work for free!
  • How to use social media tools to become the “authority” in your marketplace
  • How to access a mountain of website traffic...without knowing a single thing about SEO or Pay Per Click
  • Web 2.0 Etiquette.  Old advertising rules no longer apply...are you making these fatal mistakes in your marketing?
  • How to get real-time customer satisfaction data without ever conducting a survey or expensive focus group.
  • How companies like JetBlue use Twitter and other tools to “spy” on their prospects...and get the jump on their competition
  • How social media can slash, or even eliminate, your marketing budget
  • How to use 2-way communication to bond with your customers...even if you never meet them face to face.
  • How to use social media to create a “Feeding Frenzy” for your next product launch
  • How to set up your own “television station” ...for free
  • How to get your customers to create content for your website.
  • How over-controlling your marketing message can kill you.
  • How to use social media to form your own research and development team...who work for free
  • Your ad in a video game? How to think creatively and reach your customers where they “hang out”.
  • Transparency and authenticity...does your company pass the test?

Walking the Walk

Perhaps the best thing about “Barack 2.0” is that it is, in itself, a classic example of how to use social media to get your message in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right format...under budget.

Brent and David took an idea that was buzzing in their marketplace, (Obama’s use of social media), used the exact same social media tools that Obama was using to invite their community into a conversation. That conversation - free market research if you will - helped them develop a product they knew the market would love...this book.

That’s what marketing through social media is all about. It helped make Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States, and if you read this book - and put the lessons to use - you can achieve your business goals as well.

B20 Process Package : Social Media Lessons For Business - $39.95

* The 165 Page Book
* Interactive Addendum
* 1 Hr Introduction Webinar
* Six Month Timeline (From Ideation To Transaction)
* Wharton Business School Report
* Complete Basic Package System

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